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Translates the Data You Have
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Save time and money

is the only automated data cleaning program on the planet - saving you weeks of manual processing and bucket-loads of cash!

Your data cleaned in minutes

cleans and classifies your data - including outliers - as it is being uploaded. A few moments later, your data is analysis-ready!

No fuss or repetition

No more drity data, entry erorrs and speeling mistaikes. DataKleenr gets your data analysis-ready quicker than loading your laundry into the washer...

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Your Data Cleaned Automatically

Your data is cleaned as it is being uploaded, saving you time, effort and money

Check Your Results Quickly and Easily

If the results meet your expectations, you're ready to download your data.
You're done - in seconds!

Interactive Visualisations

Each variable is graphed, plotted and charted, helping you identify anomalies and clean your data in record time.
Data cleaning has never been so visual!

Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

“In 7 years as a medical statistician, I worked on over 300 datasets, each of which took up to 2 weeks to prepare. I wish I'd had DataKleenr back then - I could have saved myself so much time, hassle and frustration.”

Chi-Squared Innovations

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time can DataKleenr save me?

Days - maybe even weeks of frustration!
Cleaning, classifying, preparing and pre-processing data manually can take days or weeks.
Even a small dataset of 20 columns and 2000 rows could typically take a few weeks to prepare for analysis.
On the other hand, DataKleenr automates all of this in just a few seconds - one of our datasets (17 columns x 1989 rows) was successfully cleaned and classified by DataKleenr in just 16 seconds!

So, can DataKleenr save me money?

Indeed it can!
Let's take just one example of how much DataKleenr can save you.
Let's say you're a researcher earning £40,000 per year. Using Excel to clean your dataset manually might take you, say, 3 weeks. On the other hand, DataKleenr could clean your dataset in the time it takes you to load your laundry into the washer. That's 3 weeks of man-hours - saving you well over £2,000!
And remember, the more you use DataKleenr the more you save!


But DataKleenr is just for statisticians, right?

Absolutely not!
DataKleenr is perfect for anyone that has numerical and text data.
DataKleenr is the only data cleaning program on the planet that has been developed specifically for those with 'research-type' data, and who need to prepare it for analysis.

So is DataKleenr easy to use?

Of course!
DataKleenr is completely automated so you can be sure that your newly-cleaned dataset will be accurate, reliable and free of errors.


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Translates the Data You Have
Into the Data You Need

Trusted by hundreds of users, businesses and universities around the globe
(in just the first 3 months since launch!).

**No credit card required**