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* Up to 10 columns and 250 rows
** Larger than 10 columns or 250 rows


FREE For Your Small Datasets

Clean your data for FREE
if your dataset is up to 10 columns and 250 rows



Pay-As-You-Go For Your Larger Datasets

Clean your data from only 10 credits per column - even on the Free Plan!
Better still - the first 100 credits of all analyses are completely FREE!



Top Up Your Credits Any Time

Need more DataKleenr Credits?
No sweat - credits cost up to £1 per credit, just top up whenever you need some


Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

“Clean your small datasets for free and pay per column for your larger datasets.
Don't have a budget for DataKleenr? No problem - there are loads of ways to earn credits so you can use DataKleenr free forever!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Analyses are on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. How does that work?

When you register for a DataKleenr plan you will get a licence and some credits. You use the credits to pay for your analyses on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, kind of like a mobile phone - you get credits, use them up, buy some more when you need them.
The number of credits that you need depends on the size of your dataset - the smaller your dataset, the fewer credits you will need.


A Guide to Credits Usage (credits per column)
Free Plan PAYG Plan Premium Plan
Up to 250 rows & 10 columns FREE FREE FREE
Up to 250 rows & >10 columns 10 10 FREE
251 to 1,000 rows 10 10 FREE
1,001 to 10,000 rows 30 30 FREE
10,001 to 100,000 rows 100 100 Get in touch
100,000+ rows Get in touch Get in touch Get in touch


The first 100 credits of my analyses are free? Can you explain that?

When you clean your data with DataKleenr, it will either be free (small datasets) or it will cost you some credits.
If there is a cost we will automatically refund the first 100 credits to your account.
This reduces the cost of your data cleaning operations for every dataset you clean, irrespective of how large it is.


Can you give me an easy-to-understand example of that?

Sure can! I'll give you a few:
If your dataset is small (up to 10 by 250) DataKleenr will be free.
If your dataset is 12 by 250 the cost will be:
(12 * 10 credits) - 100 credits = 20 credits
If your dataset is 10 by 1200 the cost will be:
(10 * 30 credits) - 100 credits = 200 credits


I need to top up my DataKleenr Credits. How much do they cost?

DataKleenr Credits cost up to £1 each.
The more credits you buy the more credits we'll throw in for FREE, so your data cleaning is more cost-effective.


I have the Premium plan. Will I still have to use my credits on small datasets?

All datasets up to (and including) 10 columns and 250 rows are free to clean with DataKleenr, irrespective of which plan you're on.


Why is the Premium plan different?

It's simple really.
The Pay-As-You-Go plan is perfect for those that only do occasional data cleaning or have smaller datasets.
For those that need more frequent data cleaning or have larger datasets you can pay a single up-front fee and get all your data cleaning FREE for the whole year, saving you money in the long run.
Is there an alternative payment plan that you'd prefer? Get in touch - we might be able to help.


Where can I get DataKleenr?

Right here!
DataKleenr is exclusive to Chi-Squared Innovations customers.
You cannot get it anywhere else.
DataKleenr is on the cloud (Software-As-A-Service), so all you need to access it is a computer and a web browser. No tricky installations, no worrying if your laptop has enough processing power, and no wondering if you have the latest, greatest version. You do!
It's easy to get started. Just register for any of our plans, and you will be able to access DataKleenr immediately.


My boss won't give me any money for DataKleenr. Can I earn credits instead?

Indeed you can!
There are many ways you can earn credits so you can use DataKleenr for FREE:

You can find more details in our Ways To Earn programme.


Got any more questions you'd like to ask?

If there's a burning question right on the tip of your tongue, and you'd just die if didn't ask it, why not drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you

You can contact us here:

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