Top 12 Tips - What To Do With Data


This is the first entry in our Discover Data Blog Series, so it seems appropriate to ask the questions 'what is data?', 'why is it so important?' and 'what can we do with it?'. We give you the Top 12 Tips on what you can do with your data...


So what is data?

Information is all around us. It is in everything we see, hear, smell, touch and taste. It can be found in the largest event, like the formation of a new galaxy, and in the smallest, such as the spin-state of an electron (you can tell I'm a physicist, can't you?)

Simply put, data is a collection of facts and information that we have gathered and translated into a form that is convenient to process

It can be numbers, words, measurements, observations or even just descriptions of things


So why do we collect data?

Information on its own can be interesting, but it is not really very useful. We need to collect data so we can find out 'what the world is like'


We might observe things like: