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Save Time
and Money

CorrelViz is completely automated and gives you the Story of Your Data in minutes, with one click - saving you months of manual analysis and shed-loads of cash!

Be More

Discovering - in minutes - all the correlations you seek allows you to 'Get in, Get it done, and Get out', so you can get back to doing the things you'd rather spend your time on.

New Insights

No more 'cherry-picking' just the analyses that you have time for. Analyse all your data, discover all the correlations you seek - and some you never even dreamed of...

Your Data Cleaned Automatically

Your data is cleaned as it is being uploaded,
saving you time, effort and money



All Your Correlations Uncovered in Minutes

CorrelViz leaves nothing to chance.
You want to know how all the variables relate to each other?
You got it!



Interactive Visualisation

A dataset with 20 variables has 190 possible relationships.
Can you hold them all in your mind simultaneously?
Of course not!
That's why CorrelViz gives you an intuitive visualisation of the Story of Your Data.


Lee Baker - CEO Chi-Squared Innovations

“As a medical statistician, each dataset used to take me months to analyse.
From data to report, I now turn projects around in half a day.”

Chi-Squared Innovations


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time can CorrelViz save me?

Months - maybe even years!
Cleaning, preparing and analysing data manually can take you months even for the smallest of datasets.
A small dataset of 20 columns and 2000 rows could typically take 6 months to analyse fully with SPSS.
On the other hand, CorrelViz automates all of this in just a few minutes.
How many minutes?
A recent analysis of one of our datasets (17 columns x 1989 rows) completed in 2 minutes and 19 seconds!

So, can CorrelViz save me money?

Yes indeed!
We all know that time is money, so if you save time you save money.
Let's say you're a researcher earning £40,000 per year. Using SPSS to analyse your swish new dataset manually might just take you 6 months. On the other hand, CorrelViz could do it for you before the skin on your morning coffee has cooled off. That's 6 months of man-hours - saving you around £20,000!
Does that sound good to you?
And remember, the more you use CorrelViz the more you save.


But CorrelViz is just for statisticians, right?

Absolutely not!
CorrelViz is for everyone, including those that have little or no prior experience with stats. Whether you're a researcher looking to accelerate the push to your next publication or grant application, a teacher helping your students to gain critical analysis skills or an experienced statistician, CorrelViz can help you slash months off your analysis.

So is CorrelViz easy to use?

Of course!
It doesn't matter if you're a novice and you're not sure how to get started, an improver who understands the dangers of poor statistical choices or an experience statistician, CorrelViz will keep you on the right track.
CorrelViz is completely automated so you can be sure that your analysis and results are correct.


Does CorrelViz really discover all the correlations?

Yes - every single one of them!
CorrelViz analyses all your data, discovering all the independent associations and correlations, then gives you an intuitive, interactive visualisation of the Story of Your Data.

But I don't understand stats.
Is that OK?

With CorrelViz, you don't even need to see any stats to get all the answers you seek!
CorrelViz gives you the Story of Your Data first, rather than last. You can immediately identify pathways and discover which variables affect others.
If you want to go from data to story in one leap without dealing with the difficult bit that goes in-between, then CorrelViz is for you.


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