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Big Data, Small World - Kirk Borne

Every month we scour the internet seeking out data science videos that educate and delight.

I hope these videos prove to be a valuable resource to you and that you will visit regularly (and invite your friends too).


Big Data, Small World - Kirk Borne


In this video, we're proud to bring you a TEDx video from one of our friends - Big Data, Small World by Kirk Borne.


Kirk Borne is a data scientist and astrophysicist who worked for NASA for almost 20 years - including working on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and the Space Science Data Operations projects.

An avid tweeter and re-tweeter, Kirk spends far too much time on Twitter - but claims that he doesn't do as much as people think he does!


In this video Kirk discusses the inter-connectedness of people and data, demonstrating that Big Data narrows the gap between all of us, making the world a smaller place.

He also explains the connections between himself, diapers, Kevin Bacon, beer, Donald Rumsfeld and pop-tarts...


Enjoy the video!




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