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Succeed Fast and Succeed Often


Perhaps the most famous quote of Seth Godin, the Godfather of modern marketing, is 'Fail Fast and Fail Often'.


He maintains that as long as you keep failing quickly and cheaply eventually you will find the route to success.

His main point is embodied in the old saying 'if at first you don't succeed, try try again...'.


Although I agree with the spirit of Seth's quote, I cannot find it within myself to agree with the quote itself.


Here's an example of why:

You are trying to solve a problem. There are 1000 possible ways to approach it, but only 1 will lead to success.

  • Your 1st attempt ends in failure. What have you learnt?
    • Route 1 does not lead to success.
  • Your 2nd attempt ends in failure. What have you learnt?
    • Route 2 does not lead to success.
  • Your 900th attempt ends in failure. What have you learnt?
    • Route 900 does not lead to success.

Which of these failed attempts tells you which route will lead to success? None of them.


I think we can all agree that for each of the failed attempts valuable lessons will have been learnt, and we will know how not to approach this type of problem in the future.

But failure does not tell you how to solve the problem.


The issue I have with Seth's quote is that it is just so damn negative.


Ultimately, the strength in his quote is that to succeed one needs to persist. Just keep on doing, keep on trying.

For me, keep on failing just does not compute.

So why not be glass-half-full and say 'Succeed Fast and Succeed Often'.


Surely a big success is comprised of a large number of small successes.

Take a large task and break it into smaller, more manageable tasks. Success with each of the small tasks ensures that the large task will be a success.

Failure does not need to be considered.


In my book, the only failure is giving up and walking away.


When I was a young student I received a set of exam results. They were really important and would define the rest of my life, and I hadn't received the grades that I expected or needed for my chosen path.


I took a long hard look at myself and asked 'Who am I, and who do I want to become?'.

My options were to:

  1. Walk away and do something else. Yeah, when hell freezes over...
  2. Resit the exams. High risk, low chance of success.
  3. Repeat the final year. Better, but still risky.
  4. Repeat the entire course - the last 2 years of my life. This is what I did.


Failure was not an option. It never entered my mind. The only thought I had was what I needed to do to succeed.


2 years later I gained great grades, went to Uni, got a bunch of Degrees, Masters and PhDs and rebuilt my career. And in all that time I never considered failure.


I have built my life on the premise of dividing every problem into small manageable chunks and succeeding with each and every one of them.


I believe that success breeds confidence and confidence breeds success.


Next time you look in the mirror, try saying:

  • Yesterday I failed
  • Today I failed
  • Tomorrow I will fail.


Does that make you feel good? Now try:

  • Yesterday I succeeded
  • Today I succeeded
  • Tomorrow I will succeed.


Which one makes you feel better? Which one gives you a boost? Which one would you rather hear every day for the rest of your life?

More importantly, which one makes you want to keep going and try again?


So feel good about yourself and your achievements. Celebrate every success, however small.


Succeed Fast and Succeed Often



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